Vision Statement

The NJLM Educational Foundation envisions itself as an independent forum for creative thinking; exploring innovative ideas; providing information and expert analysis to foster good public policy; implementing pilot programs; and encouraging a non-partisan dialogue centered on the issues, goals and priorities of municipal government.



The Educational Foundation is centered on those values that encourage freedom of expression and the level of creativity and individualism necessary to foster positive outcomes and solutions to complex problems.  These values include:

  • Fairness
  • Independence and Non-partisanship
  • Loyalty and a Commitment to Serving its Municipal Clients
  • Excellence

By embracing these values in an atmosphere that encourages the free exchange of ideas, the Foundation will be a unique forum for tackling the challenges of municipal government.


The values of the Foundation are also expressed in a range of key principles that will encourage the highest standards of academic excellence, research and integrity.  These principles encompass commitments to:

  • The mission and values of the Foundation;
  • Thorough work and precise analysis that leads to precedent setting solutions and strategies to meet the needs of local government;
  • The highest standards of ethical conduct among employees and affiliates;
  • Partnerships and collaborations that lead to a broader dialogue and cost-effective solutions to community challenges;
  • A strong level of staff and technical support for the work of the Foundation.

There are a number of strategies that can help the Foundation realize its mission and advance the goals of the organization.  They include:

  • Seeking financial and other resources from State government, other academic institutions, foundations, and funding resources;
  • Providing technical services to its municipal and other clients;
  • Hosting workshops and other special events for policy-makers that  explore key issues and profound challenges facing New Jersey;
  • Gathering, conducting and presenting high quality research on topical areas of interest;
  • Administering/contracting surveys to assess opinions and priorities among New Jersey’s citizens, stakeholders and government Leaders;
  • Maintaining an inventory of best practices, solutions and innovative concepts around the State.