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Reinventing New Jersey’s Obsolete Suburban Office Campus –The Local and Statewide Impacts - July 12, 2013

Agenda and Speakers
Press Release and Photos
Maraziti Reinventing NJ's Obsolete Suburban Office Campuses
Medina NJ Suburban Markets
Reinventing the office complex: Industry experts say aging structures border on obsolete -


Crisis Communications - Techniques For Communicating With Constituents, The Media, And Service Providers March 22, 2013

An Overview and Framework for Crisis Communication - Michael Turner
Basics of Intergovernmental Crisis Communication - Captain Thomas Scardino
Basics of Crisis Communication with the Public – from press to social media - Debbie Winogracki

New Jersey Infrastructure : What is Needed and How to Fund It” December 12, 2012

NJ Infrastructure History - James Hughes
Transportation Infrastructure - Dave Kuhn
Water and Wastewater Infrastructure - Suzanne Chiavari
The New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust - David Zimmer
Event Photos

Year 4 of Economic Recovery:  New Municipal Realities To Come”

Event Summary and Photos
Part II: The New Municipal Reality Difficult Choices
Presentation by Patrick O’Keefe, Director of Economic Research, JH Cohn, LLP

Emergency Management:  Utilities and Shore Communities

Community Leaders Review Lessons at  “Emergency Management:  Utilities and Weather Emergencies”
Kevin Carr, Program Resiliency Manager, PSEG Services Corp.
Tony Aquila, Homeland Security Specialist, NJNG – Natural Gas Sector
PSEG’s Energy & Environmental Resource Center
Kevin Chambliss Director of Work Management PSEG Nuclear
    Emergency Management and Shore Communities
    PSE&G - Nuclear Power Preparedness
Guidance on Government Emergency Purchasing
Verizon Emergency Contacts for Governments

Month 25 of Economic Recovery:  Where are we and where are we going? July 8, 2011

Event Summary and Photos
Program Outline
White Paper 2011: Economic Growth, but Slowdowns Persist
Economic Overview
New Jersey's Fiscal Outlook FY 2012
New Jersey Fiscal Outlook: Revenue Picture
U.S. Municipal Market - Credit Characteristics
Outlook for New Jersey Employment
Video of the Proceedings

Local Law Enforcement Strategies: Technology and New Management Models 3/30/11

Event Summary and Photos
Printed Program
White Paper - Police Department Regionalization, Consolidation, Merger & Shared Services
Restructuring Options for Municipal Police Services
Maintaining Force Effectiveness in a Recession
Interoperability for Emergency Services

Moving Up in a Downturn - 09/24/10
    Event Photos
    Program outline and sponsors
    Moving Up in a Downturn - White Paper
    Video of the Forum

2010: A Stabilizing Economy but Uncertainties Remain
Photos and Summary (held 07/09/10)

James Hughes Presentation
Patrick O'Keefe Presentation
Rae Rosen Presentation

Cover of the "Social Media for Public Officials" Program

Read about this Event 3/30/10

Newark Mayor Cory Booker presents at
“Social Media for Public Officials”




Housing Summit 3/31/09